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The delirious parade

I am usually delirious come May. I love one definition of ‘delirious’ I saw just now: a mad whirl of pleasure! That’s what May is, like a parade and a party in nature, all rolled into one. There is so much to see outside!



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Green lace

p1010026.jpgToday was the day….the green lace day! Just before spring’s canopy pops open like an umbrella, you can see the lace, if you look fast. In past years, I have been a little lazy, thinking “tomorrow I’ll get out and take in my fill of green lace, before it passes away”. Sure, I might notice it as I walk past a window, that intricate gossamere that slips out of plump, pregnant branches, the sweetest of light and airy greens, but I never quite “get out there” before the baby leaves grow up into adolescence. Except this year….this year I did it. I am currently unemployed, what a blessing! Of coures it didn’t feel like a blessing when it happened, but now that I am recovering, I am finding time for important things, like green lace. Today I took my Olympus out to see just exactly what these baby leaves look like, scattered in the woodsy understory or high up in the bedrooms of squirrels. Here is just a little taste of what I saw. By tomorrow, or the next day perhaps, the babies will be gone, but this year I kissed their sweet cheeks and looked them right in their little green eyes!


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Green warmth,

in spite of the cold. Isn’t grass amazing? Dead-looking in the winter, life and strength hide below the ground. Then, with a few warm days and sunshine, chlorophyl awakens, stirs, bubbles inside cell walls, and the parade of spring begins.


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it pays to be late. After the forsythia burst into bloom, we had freezing temperatures and snow here. Do you ever kick yourself for being late, or behind schedule? Don’t, sometimes there is a reason. One little bloom survived on the bush in back of our apartments. Perhaps the other blooms protected it from the cold, before they died.

One little bloom survivedfrozen-forsythia.jpg

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Yellow – a first sign of green

The forsythia has exploded this week! p1010081.jpg

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Warmed by spring, I am waking up.


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