Community Garden


Since I don’t have my own garden this year and I am not visiting the garden where I used to work, I had to get creative the other day when I was in the mood to take gardening photos. I found a nice community garden though and lost myself in blissful wandering for a half hour. I didn’t realize how much I missed gardening. I wanted to SEE, to see everything, the water, the pails, the marigolds, the weeds, the secrets, the brussel sprout palm trees, even the holes where the ground squirrels live!



One thought on “Community Garden”

  1. Thanks for sharing with me! Very nice… if you’re looking for a place to garden, you should come to our house. I’d like a flowery backyard that looked something like that picture on the bottom left, but alas… my plant knowledge is not quite there. Anywayz… we have two very large piles of limestone rock that need to be moved to the backyard… I’m going to make a circle around my garden with some of it. Not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of it. Wow… sorry I got so wordy. Hugs.

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