Ringing in 2008


These aren’t the greatest pictures, and no, John Edwards wasn’t blowing raspberries at me, I think he must have been saying “THank you for coming out on this cold night!” Living in Iowa, one can get swept up with the caucus hoopla, especially this year. Four years ago I went to my first caucus and was just amazed. What a sociological/psychological event! So….on the eve of the new year of 2008, I went north to Mason City, Iowa to see the candidate I plan to caucus for, John Edwards.

Steven had his trusty new smart phone so we googled the Edwards headquarters for an address of the new year’s eve stop, used google maps to refine our approach and pulled into downtown Mason City just behind the Edwards bus. The headquarters was already full with people spilling out onto the sidewalk, even in the wind and the the single digit temperatures. Cars started blocking in behind us and it was clear I’d never get a parking space before Edwards made his appearance, so I hopped out and Steven baby sat the car.

I managed to get a few pictures through the storefront glass. At first I didn’t think I would see anything, but then I realized he was right by the front of the room, and like any good communicator, he was making eye contact ALL around the room, including straight in my direction. I fancy he even saw me through the glass and smiled, although my slow shutter speed missed that and captured only the “th” part of thank you!

Why Edwards, you ask? I’m not sure really. As a supporter of sustainable agriculture and sustainable lifestyles, I feel that corporate excess is one of the worst threats to our society, and John gets that. Or maybe, I just feel that someone who has lost a son and responded by having more children, or who has survived his wife’s cancer diagnosis and responded by including her in his run for the presidency, is the kind of person I could trust as president of the United States. Today, someone has to have a positive enough outlook to be able to foresee a better future, so I am going with the hard working optimist.


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  1. 1

    Lani said,

    Happy New Year, Jo!

  2. 2

    Lani said,

    Well, what’d you think of the caucus outcome? Interesting. I was happy with both of the winners.

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