Feeding and Needing


It’s Monday everyone! (well, it was Monday when I started this, now it’s Wednesday already!) Hope you had a good weekend! My thoughts this morning are about physical and spiritual “feeding”. Saturday Steven and I took a drive to Ankeny, a town about 22 miles south of Ames and probably considered the ‘burbs of Des Moines. A lot of it looks like the typical concrete suburb, but this time we discovered a local pizza restaurant (the smart phone does it again!). When we turned off into a residential neighborhood, I thought we’d made a mistake, but sure enough, a few blocks later we saw a little neighborhood commercial area and the Leaning Tower of Pizza. http://www.ltpizza.com This is a fantastic place and you should check out their website, although really, the site doesn’t do it justice.

The place was small and packed with families who definitely have made this part of their weekend routine. We had a sausage, mushroom and sauerkraut pizza as well as the beer batter mozzarella cheese sticks with Italian dipping sauce that I thought was out of this world! (if my brother is reading this, yeah, I know, not exactly the heart healthy diet, but it WAS a nice, un-greasy thin crust pizza!) Everything had the taste of expertly homemade and according to the website, a lot of it IS made right there from their own recipes. The most interesting available pizza topping? CELERY!

On Sunday in our fellowship meeting, I had a different kind of feeding experience. Normally, when we “eat”, we expect to feel satisfied, but I was glad for the way that the spiritual bread Sunday made me feel more hungry. Maybe it’s like eating a plate of vegetables and saying, “wow, I need more of this!”

Both feeding experiences made me realize that there is so much out there that I am not experiencing. It’s so easy to get satisfied and somewhat stuck in our old routines and ways of thinking about things. It’s good when feeding leads to needing.


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  1. 1

    Lani said,

    This sounds yummy yummy in my tummy! And I enjoyed our meeting on Sunday morning, too. Thanks for the part you play in that. Hugs.

  2. 2

    Jessica said,

    Uuum, I will have to check that out sometime. I love different kinds of pizza.

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