Little feet grow up

The pink toe-nailed feet are going to Poland this fall to visit the big, grown-up feet, and rumor has it, in Poland the feet do a LOT of walking. So, this morning my friend Judy and I started our “preparation for going overseas and walking a lot” walking program. I huffed and puffed through 1.5 miles, but I survived. My thyroid now appears to be out of whack and that is my current explanation for being so out of shape and feeling like a zombie all the time. “Diet and exercise” my doctor says. Hmmm, could diet and exercise really be the answer to all of life’s problems? Anyway, I don’t want to huff and puff in Poland and I intend to keep up with the grown-up son’s feet, so these feet are gonna start doing some walking! (now I wish I had a digital photo of the feet before they grew up, just for comparison!)


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    lani said,

    This is such great news, Jo. And I’m impressed you and Judy huffed and puffed out 1.5 miles. Consider me your cheering section! 😉

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