The Men’s College Pancake Event

The college guys in our Sunday fellowship meeting are so awesome! Dave and Judy usually have them all stay after our meeting for some home cooked food, and yesterday I tagged along for some brunch. The guys must have asked if they could help with the food prep, and Judy assigned them the pancake “event”. Here’s Cody putting on his “uniform”!

pancake1 I think he must be consulting with the head architect and the psychological counselor about his approach for the event. In the mean time, Cale is working on the logistics of moving the pancake batter from the bowl to the griddle.


A slight equipment problem slowed down the first batch of pancakes (griddle wasn’t plugged in) but their technique was highly skilled and intense!


Due to the the equipment failure though, the experienced independent consultant had to be brought in. She assured them that this was just a test batch and that with the help of some Pam, every thing would be fine. Dave, the safety specialist, reminded everyone where the fire extinguisher was located as he looked on with his coffee and the high level managers continued to do what high level managers do best, and in no time at all we were feasting on pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and having a wonderful time!

pancake41 pancake7 pancake6

pancake9 pancake8 pancake10

With these wonderful guys around, it’s easier not to miss my own college age “domestic engineer” who is far away across the sea. (looks like they use the same “uniform” there too though!)



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