Around the world in 120 days!

Actually, I’m not sure exactly how many days she was gone…from January to May I believe…but the lady we know in the long exotic dress took a cruise around the world this year!  They flew west to start their cruise in the far east: Japan, Korea, (hmmm, better go find the itinerary just to be sure….fooo, don’t you hate it that just as soon as you throw something out, you want it, I mean, like usually within 48 hours?! ahhh (digging through the garbage), found it, just a few coffee stains on it!) Cancel that….She left from Florida, went south: Panama Canal, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, then west to New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, then the far east, southeast Asia, India, Dubai, Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea and European stops, Dover England and home.  It was definitely more exciting than spending her money on a nursing home she said!

around the world


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