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Late Autumn Sun: Part I

Autumn here in the American Mid-West has been lingering wonderfully.  We haven’t even had a killing frost yet.  My days are mixed with substitute teaching and writing my masters thesis on sustainability activism.  I like the combination of being out and around and then having days at home to write and think and enjoy the sun streaming in my apartment balcony door.  Do you have favorite places to enjoy the sun in your current abode?


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Miniature fall quilt hangings

I LOVE fall colors….oranges, black, bronze, pale harvest moon yellow…

Some of my door knob quilts at the Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames Iowa

And, I love to sew.  Last fall, this is what happened when I combined my two passions!

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The end of gardening season?


final blooms


It’s the end of the gardening season.   “Or is it?” she thought to herself.  As she took thoughtful steps through the dried weeds and uneven clumps of earth, memories floated back to her mind.  Late March…. spading the sweet smelling dirt to expose it to the sun’s warmth, later in April…. lost in reverie down on her knees, setting small hopeful plants into their loamy, wormy new home, June….simply sitting among the growing tomatoes gazing up at the sky and acrobatic dragonflies, July….. faithfully carrying pails of water to thirsty beans and cosmos, then August…. the harvest, baskets of pickling cucumbers, sprigs of intoxicating basil and rosemary, the taste of the sun in homemade pasta sauce, and now…. bouquets of the last sweet zinnias on the dining room table, gardening season lives on, in lovely  memories of the mind.

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Picture of the Day – fall leaves


Hang on for the final ride!


the end of the growing season, green leaves bursting into flame, like tongues of fire at a  backyard bonfire, temperatures drop, leaves shiver under morning blankets of frost, and yet they hang on through autumn’s winds, wanting just one more day of their lively existence, before falling into piles where they curl and become brown, crunching under school children’s feet, flurrying into the air with the laughter of pile jumping boys and girls, making their way back to the dark deep earth or perhaps fading into ash along a smokey curb side….

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