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Things to look forward to: Hearing the cardinals sing

Cardinal singing


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Things to look forward to: The first robin

A spring robin

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Things to look forward to: Rolling around in the grass

rolling in the grass!

Most people talk about the fresh green grass and how it smells or excites the eyes after a long gray winter.  Personally, however, I believe the best thing about grass is feeling it underneath you, and maybe it’s not just the grass.  Walking on the earth or lying down, it feels so alive.  Try it sometime!  Walk on some hard, cold, man-made pavement, and then step off to the side and feel the living, changing, responding soil and grass.  And if you are really brave, when no one is looking….lie down and just roll around, then end up on your back and watch the clouds roll by!

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Things to look forward to: Valentines Day

I think the January doldrums are setting in.  We’ve snuggled contemplatively on the sofa under a fluffy blanket for about as long as we can.  As I was sliding through some of my photos the other night, avoiding grad work, I felt some twinges of excitement about coming events, holidays, seasons and rituals!  This photo set off memories of being about 8 years old, sitting up to a card table in a warm house coat, cutting out tons of red construction paper hearts to make some kind of critter Valentines that mom and I had seen in a Highlights magazine.  What are some of your favorite Valentines Day memories?  Are you making homemade cards this year?

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Hermit Crab-by

On being a researcher!

You ever feel a little crabby?  Or slightly like you’ve become a hermit crab?  I’m on lock down in my apartment, coding qualitative data for my masters thesis on sustainability activists.  It’s cold outside, so I really shouldn’t mind being inside so much, but of course, when you aren’t supposed to go out, you get a sudden feeling that you’ve GOT to get out!  And no, this picture is not Photoshopped!  That’s really my face sticking out through a photo op at  the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores!  I was much less crabby that day!

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Georgia O’Keeffe

Calla Lily

Feeling very Georgia O’Keeffe today!

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Life in the Flowers

On this cold and  snowy day, take a minute to close your eyes, shrink yourself down to beetle size, and imagine a warm summer day.  You  take your afternoon nap nestled down in a sweet smelling flower.  When you wake up,you can  sip some nectar tea and then be on your way!

Dream a little summer!

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