Things to look forward to: Valentines Day

I think the January doldrums are setting in.  We’ve snuggled contemplatively on the sofa under a fluffy blanket for about as long as we can.  As I was sliding through some of my photos the other night, avoiding grad work, I felt some twinges of excitement about coming events, holidays, seasons and rituals!  This photo set off memories of being about 8 years old, sitting up to a card table in a warm house coat, cutting out tons of red construction paper hearts to make some kind of critter Valentines that mom and I had seen in a Highlights magazine.  What are some of your favorite Valentines Day memories?  Are you making homemade cards this year?


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    Anita said,

    Valentine’s memories? Uh- hmmmm. I just remember loving to look at all my valentine’s. And I loved the candy! I never was creative enough to actually make cards as a kid. And Valentine’s day just barely exists here so I guess- Nope, not making cards. 😉
    (But I’m still reading blogs since I inadvertently made coffee at what seemed like a good time… only to discover it was 10.30 pm. Oops. It’s been an off day, for sure! 😉

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