Colored Tights

Is that really how you spell “tights”?  Strange, I’ve never written it before, but now that I do, of course it makes sense…..those TIGHT things you waddle or dance into, depending on your body shape I suppose!  Tights make me think of childhood, those days before we were allowed to wear pantyhose, or in my day, just “hose” as there was no panty to them…just this weird very uncomfortable thing called a garter belt!  Hmmmm, didn’t really intend to get into that…but tights, yes, there was only one color back then that I remember, the very serviceable black tights.  Scroll forward to 2011 and voila, tights in every color under the sun.  I haven’t ventured out into the yellows and hot pinks, light colors are not very slimming you know, but when looking at my pocket book and thinking about updating my look, I decided that some color in my tights was a better economic choice and an easier way to liven up the clothes I already have.  I went with navy, not really very different from the slimming black, but then I added plum, wine, and still have my teal blues from 2010.  I LOVE color and find an outlet for my love by putting together outfits.  Here’s what I assembled for one day pre-Valentines Day!


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