Iowa Straw Poll

A long time ago, I was pretty interested in politics.  Maybe when you have a small child and you aren’t working outside the home, you need something more adult to think about at times.  Also, not having a television, I was more mentally hungry when the weekly Time magazine came in the mail.  I was fascinated by peristroika and the wall tumbling down, Watergate, the Great Communicator and various aspects of Bill Clinton, in no particular order.  Oh, and I remember where I was when John F. Kennedy was shot.  So……when I decided to move to Iowa for graduate school, there was a little part of me that whispered, “oh boy, I am moving to the heartland of politics, home of the Iowa caucuses.”  I never knew the Iowa Straw Poll existed, however,  until the last election, and with the summer being kind of slow and all with just the masters thesis to write, my political curiosity got piqued and we stopped by Hilton Coliseum  for a gander this year.  And maybe for the first time (and my Technical Writing Tips for Sociology Graduate Students says it is alright to start a sentence with “and”, even though it still makes me cringe, so I have to keep doing it, just so I can get over the icky feeling) I realized that so much of American politics is about the sheer fun and circus-like diversion.  Am I proud of that?  No, but I get it, now that I have seen the Iowa Straw Poll.  So, I’ll share a few photos.  You’ll have to call in your olfactory imagination to fill in the fog-thick scent of BBQ.  My favorite people there were the “button people”.  Probably designed and produced on their home computer, the couple was having fun and doing what pro small business Republicans do!

  And which button did I buy?  Well, I didn’t have any money with me at the time, and…..I’m a Democrat, so……But if I had

been buying, I probably would have bought this one because I like Grant Wood.

Or, the racier me might have bought the Sarah Palin button, because really, doesn’t every woman secretly want to be Wonder Woman?!

I was disappointed to not see a button for the Famous Dave guy though, because he sure makes good smelling BBQ!

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    lani said,

    Oh… too funny. That’s hilarious… the Wonder Woman Palin button right next to the one of her with her family. Made me laugh. We’re the ones that avoid that area of town like the plague. A Facebook friend’s status read, “Ron Paul just puked up all over University Blvd. Gross.” I guess he decorated? And she’s not a fan. Ha. 🙂

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