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Pumpkin Goo!

Do you have your pumpkins all cleaned out and ready to carve?


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Iowa State Homecoming 2011

I always love the homecoming displays in front of the Greek houses!

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Sweetest Gal Ever!

Here is our new friend, Hally, talking with a worker who was home for a visit .  I just love everything about both of these gals, one an old pro and the other just a beginner, but God loves new beginnings!

We all stayed for a potluck after Sunday morning meeting a while back.  This evolved into the men’s room!  The ladies gathered in the kitchen, of course!

And the little ladies sat around just looking cute as a button!

Sundays are such a nice part of my life….getting together in a home to share fellowship with others who are having the same struggles, fighting the same battles…..I always leave feeling encouraged to keep up the good fight.  After our meeting at Lois’, we spend some time catching up on each others’ news, gather around the peanut M & M jar and instantly all become children again as we indulge in some candy!  And sometimes we prolong our fellowship and share a potluck….baked chicken, pulled pork, produce from the garden, spinach salad with strawberries and walnuts, baked beans, cheesy potatoes, apple pie and The Next Best Thing to Robert Redford cake!  The children barely eat because they are so excited to be with their friends and also have access to the amazing outdoors surrounding Lois’ farm.  When we’ve all been well fed, naturally and spiritually, the coffee comes out and we share a few last quiet, restful words before heading back to our homes for a Sunday afternoon nap!  Life is good!

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Fall Kitty

Think of everything you love about fall….the crisp air, the golden glow everything has, the smell of burning leaves, the sound of leaves blowing around….and then add your favorite kitty……and a wonderful guy who is willing to hold the slightly skittish kitty as you drive to the park….that was my perfect fall Saturday!

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Some of my favorite guys!

Looking back at some photos from 2008!

Not all of these guys are in Ames anymore, and this next  one is growing up fast!

I am missing this one who is in Poland!


And then there is my main guy!

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Coming and Going

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It’s all about the harvest

because the harvest is seed for the sower.

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