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Labor Day Breakfast

As the cold weather pushes us increasingly indoors,  I was just enjoying the remembrance of Labor Day breakfast outdoors at my sister’s cottage!










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Book Vault

   I’m finished with my long-term sub job now at Beloit and find I have an “extra” week before Thanksgiving since I was assuming turkey day was this Thursday.  It’s not like we didn’t have a calendar on the wall at school either…not sure how that happened, but I have the gift of an extra week now!  I’m finding I have the urge to just sit, curled up with a book in front of some window with the sun streaming in.  Steven and I wandered Parks Library at ISU for a while yesterday and planned to hit the grand opening of Books a Million (BAM) in Ames  for our date night, but they weren’t quite grandly opened yet.   As I was pondering my excitement at having a replacement for Borders here in Ames, I remembered the bookstore in this photo.

The Book Vault is an awesome bookstore I stumbled onto in Oskaloosa while wandering to Peoria after convention in August.  It made me think that Oskaloosa must be an awesome little town in its own right to support such a community treasure.  And now this morning I wonder, do we really need BAM in Ames, or should we just make more of an effort to support our own little locally owned book vaults?


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Fall Sunset

Enjoy being alive and watching the rising and setting of the sun!

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Convention Dreaming

Had a wonderful Sunday morning meeting today…one of those days where you just love every little teeny tiny detail of everything!  Having had a lot of stress in my past, I’ve learned to make little safe places to retreat to in my mind when the stress gets too heavy.  Most people call it day dreaming I guess.  One of my favorite visualizations is to picture going to our yearly convention on an Iowa farm.  The upstairs of the barn is turned into a slumber party of sorts for women!  I’m not exactly sure what the men’s quarters looks like?  This last August, I slept next to the slanty wall and loved propping my legs up ala yoga or something.

It was a little hard to do a proper bed making here though!

Mostly we spend four days hearing spirit inspired messages from the Bible, but we also eat our meals together and sleep either in transformed barns, tents or campers.  I love the way rustic becomes comfortable, and how everyone fits and works together and reliving it all in my mind the rest of the year is such a pleasant retreat!

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