Christmas tree alternative and what do we do with the decorations?

  I’ve been reflecting on Christmas and how, just from a cultural perspective, it promotes a way of thinking that is not very sustainable, from excess spending to blowing all of our energy and creativity and desire to give in one big event that often exhausts us and leaves us feeling let down, like all the effort wasn’t really worth it.  I always used to try to find ways to force the feeling of “being worth it”.  An alternative might be just to put less energy into it.  My idea #1 for reformulating Christmas into something more sustainable was giving up personal outdoor light displays in favor of supporting and enjoying public displays instead.  My next idea has to do with the tree.

Idea #2

I’ve always been somewhat uncomfortable with the Christmas tree as it just seems related to those in the Bible that worshiped trees or worshiped in groves of trees, etc.  But if you don’t have a tree or you decided to give that up, what do you do with all the decorations?  I am not advocating being a grinch, I just think we could be smarter and more sustainable in our thinking here.  It really hit me this year when I saw a photo of Rockefeller Center’s giant tree.  That tree had probably been growing somewhere for years, and we cut it down, basically killing it, for what?  So we can have twinkly lights while we skate?  Some people do artificial trees and some go with a living tree, but if we really wanted to change our thinking, why not design some other way to display cherished decorations?  You know, those ones that kids made at school or something that was a gift from gramma.  Any ideas here?  Could someone design a Christmas mobile, efficient, easy to store?  We could also let some of the decorations go, like the ones where the glue disintegrated years ago, take some photos of them and maybe display the photos in a collage.

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