Spreading Christmas out all year long?

Ok, this is my last post about reflections on Christmas! I started out by thinking of people who are sad or feel let down around the holidays.  Some of the kids I’ve worked with have major melt downs around Christmas because of family or health dysfunction.  Everyone around them is building up to this huge “celebration” and their pain just multiplies as they feel it’s impossible to have that shiny ball that the world dangles out there in front of them.  Some hurt themselves to try to make the pain go away.  People give presents to them or have parties for them, but the perfect family Christmas can’t be obtained.  And that may be true for a lot of people, especially in America, where we advertise prosperity and perfection as available to all.  Our culture would be way more sustainable if we gave up our fantasies of having it all and stopped billing things as creating more happiness than they really do.   It’s ok to make choices, to say no to things, to make due with less than the Jones have.  Even if we can afford to have it all, maybe we don’t need to.

One more thought….I’ve heard of people who only go to church on holidays like Christmas and Easter, packing in all their time with God into some intense rush, similar to the way we eat so much and celebrate so much in a few short days.  What if we made a conscious effort to make holidays less of a fuss, to spread our celebrating out in a longer, much less intense manner?   Might we then give more gifts during the rest of the year?  Send more letters?  Get our good dishes out for more Sunday dinners?  Spend more quiet time alone with God?  Hmmm, I wonder…..


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