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Browns and Grays for February

I know February is about over, but I ran into this pic in my archive of apartment photos.  I like some dark warm colors for cold February weather. The hearts on this hanging were sewn on the squares, but then I just pinned the squares on the background fabric.  Using a checked fabric made it easy to get things lined up, and seeing the pins makes me fondly remember my mother’s love of sewing. Happy end of February and let the green of March begin!


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Girl Talk

A certain friend of mine is having a girl talk day in Georgia today!  I am so excited for her!!  And hopefully one day, I’ll get to Alabama or she’ll get to Iowa and she and I can talk to our hearts’ content too.  😀

(this is part of a fabric wall hanging I made a few years ago.  The dolls were purchased from Worldly Goods)

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College Dreaming

  What were you dreaming about when you were this age?  I don’t remember if it started this young, but by the time I hit Junior High, I was dreaming of becoming a scientist who wore a white lab coat at work every day.  It finally distilled out into wanting to be an agronomist.  I spent 3 1/2 years at Purdue in their wonderful agronomy program and actually worked in a university research lab for a while before giving it up to become a mom.  Now, 31 years later, will I find my spot in agronomy, or at least in the field of research?  I wonder…….

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Polish Flower Boxes

Wish I knew what kind of geraniums these are that were so popular in Krakow when I was there in 2008.  They were amazing!

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Balcony Flowers

  These are some early spring flowers I had on my balcony one year.







It feels like spring is just around the corner here in Iowa, but we’ll see!  I can still dream though!

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Balcony Gardens

Time to start planning the balcony garden!

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Peony Dreaming!

It just dawned on me that I’d pretty much forgotten about spring…as in….. this winter has been so mild I just thought of it as spring, but I suppose eventually we’ll get the green grass and flowers to go with the warm temps.  What are you looking forward to about spring 2012?  I’ve always loved flowers, but I kind of lost my taste for them when my job at a public gardens didn’t work out.  I am back in love though, thanks largely to to this blog, Little Flower School,  and the amazing arrangements they feature.

  Here is an example from their blog, corals and winter fruits.  And they have totally gotten me hooked on ranunculus!  Do you know anyone who grows them at home?  I saw a few potted ones for sale at Lowes last spring.  I wonder if that is a new trend that will take off in 2012.

Here is another post:

  Oh my, the colors and textures!  And now I have broken my rule of only posting my own photos on my blog, but I just had to give you a taste of the amazing things flowers can do!

I will finish up though with a few more of my own peony photos, taken at my dear friend Meagnon’s house.

So soft, warm, fragrant and exuberant!

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