A little Polish kitchen

Going to Poland to visit my son in 2008 was my first (and so far only) trip to a different country.  I expected things to be quite different, I mean, I traveled ALL that way, right?  But the first day there we went to  a large mall and it was a lot like the mall in downtown Indianapolis really, except when people opened their mouths, this strange language came pouring out.  They looked just like Americans…….it was quite a strange feeling!  Maybe I expected the cut of the clothes to look different or something!  One thing I did notice though as I saw several apartments, things were smaller in Poland and I loved it.  This small kitchen of some friends is one example.  Maybe I am too used to the large McMansions of American suburbs, but this petite version of living sure seemed to make more sense.

This washer under the bathroom sink is maybe even a better illustration of small living.

So Day 3 of my Poland trip was spent in Poznan and enjoying my time at John and Carol Pepper’s apartment.  John is on the left in this photo and our friend and worker, Loran, is on the right.


One thought on “A little Polish kitchen”

  1. Small and compact have their advantages but I’ve LOVED having room to spread out a bit here this year!!! 😉
    Enjoying the pix, by the way!

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