Ames Maker Space

(Steven checking out the tools at Harbor Freight in Des Moines)

Steven (Ourada) has been getting into the Maker Movement for the last year or so.  He’s a software developer who is now getting his hands dirty with tools and wood and metal and projects.  The Ames Maker Space is one place he likes to hang out these days and I followed along with him last Saturday night for their web development help session.

Some one we’d talked with earlier in the day showed up for some help with her online portfolio and questions about how to write the code for online testing using Java Script.  Steven O. wrote code for  a sample test  question and projected it up on the wall while Steven Lischer pointed out some alternative ways to approach the code.  I am not a programmer myself and I barely passed a basic C++ class, but I enjoyed hearing the language of programming being used, and of course, I like hanging out with geeks too.


Here is Nitin Gadia, another mainstay of the Ames Maker Space, looking on  with new member, Matt.  Check out the space’s website to see what they have to share and follow some of their projects.




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