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What do you like to do for fun on a Saturday?  A few weeks ago we went to Harbor Freight in Des Moines.  For me, it was all about the saws!

  Any machine I see that is painted this machine color of green brings back memories for me of my dad and his work at a machine shop.  I even imagine I smell metal chips and oil.






It seems like Dad might have had a saw like this one on the right  in our garage, or maybe I am remembering a drill press.  Sometimes he would call me out to the garage to help hold a large board he was cutting.  It always made me feel so important when I got to help!






   I did bop over to Dollar General while Steven finished browsing the tools.  Then we headed downtown for a blue collar lunch at the High Life Lounge.  I’d heard they have bacon wrapped tater tots…and bacon wrapped anything always sounds good to me! The fried chicken  and mashed potatoes were awesome too.






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The perfect lilac

In my mind at least, the perfect lilacs this year were over on Mortenson Road, not far from the intersection with University Boulevard.  Lilacs always make me think of my mom.  I was born when mom was 40, so unfortunately, I will always think of my mom as old (I know, 40 is NOT that old!).  Most lilac bushes are old too, standing the test of time, you don’t fully understand where they came from or what they’ve been through, but you love their beautiful profusion, the intoxicating fragrance, their simplicity.  My mom came from a simply background, she and her sister and her mom making it on their own by housekeeping and living with relatives.  They enjoyed simple things, creamed vegetables on toast for supper, sprucing up a little black dress with a variety of collars and cuffs, going swimming in the rock quarry and singing duets.  I don’t know where all the lilacs in Ames have come from, but I love their reminders that the best things in life don’t have to be complicated and expensive and that my mom was able to create a beautiful life in the same spirit.

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Farmers Market Is Coming!

This is a scene from last year’s market in Ames.  Not sure when this year’s starts, or what the Ames “situation” will be this year, but I’ve been following Larry Cleverly on Twitter (dirtfarmerlarry) and am excited for Des Moines’ one man pop up market today!

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Iowa State’s Swans

I’ve been saving these pics for a special day.  I’m off today and looking forward to rambling around Ames, perhaps capturing more great shots like these I got last week.  Back in Indiana, someone sent me a link to photos of  Iowa State’s two swans on the lake…that was the clincher for me…..I had to come here for graduate school!

   Just to the west of the Memorial Union, red buds adorn the rim of Lake LaVerne.  I looked anxiously for the two white swans, but didn’t see them swimming.






Then as I was trying to shoot more red bud, guess what I saw?!







Two lovers, hidden under the trees, with their own little case of spring fever!

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Iowa State’s most beautiful campus

Have I mentioned that Iowa State University has the most beautiful campus I’ve ever seen?

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Once in a lifetime spring???

Every day the last couple of weeks, when I head out into Ames, I almost faint, the spring flowering show has been so beautiful.  You know how it usually goes?  You wait all of Feb, March and some of April for the blossoms to pop, and a day or so after they do, you get an April shower, and it’s all gone, in the blink of an eye.  And usually it’s a procession, yellow forsythia first, then red buds, THEN white apple blossoms and finally the violets and crab apples.  As the next blossom appears, the previous ones fade.  This year, it’s all out there at once, lingering until the last one on stage has made its appearance!

We’ve had a gentle rain this morning on this side of town, but if the skies clear, I think I can get out there and get some more photos of this once in a lifetime spring!

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Crabapple Blossoms









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