What do you like to do for fun on a Saturday?  A few weeks ago we went to Harbor Freight in Des Moines.  For me, it was all about the saws!

  Any machine I see that is painted this machine color of green brings back memories for me of my dad and his work at a machine shop.  I even imagine I smell metal chips and oil.






It seems like Dad might have had a saw like this one on the right  in our garage, or maybe I am remembering a drill press.  Sometimes he would call me out to the garage to help hold a large board he was cutting.  It always made me feel so important when I got to help!






   I did bop over to Dollar General while Steven finished browsing the tools.  Then we headed downtown for a blue collar lunch at the High Life Lounge.  I’d heard they have bacon wrapped tater tots…and bacon wrapped anything always sounds good to me! The fried chicken  and mashed potatoes were awesome too.





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    Interesting how smells are such a part of our memory.
    I remember the way the Carnegie Library in our central Kentucky town smelled of dust and furniture polish. Mom allowed me only 3 books a week, so I stopped by the library on my walk home from school on Fridays. Friday night in bed, after lights out, I reached my book out to catch the faint light from the street light… and read and read.

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