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Brick and Board Shelves II

brick and board shelf

In cleaning out some of my old posts, I realized I deleted this rather popular photo of my brick and board shelves at the old apartment.  My brother and sister made versions of these in their first apartments back in the 60’s.  I decided to replace some of the bricks with storage.  The bottom plastic boxes obviously don’t get opened very often since you have to remove the upper shelves to get to them, but the middle plastic drawers worked nicely.  My rattan boxes were slightly shorter so could be slid off the shelves when needed.  The red “bricks” were concrete blocks that came from the lumber yard which I painted with two coats of red.  Since making the transition to apartment life in 2001, my motto has been “keep it small, easy to move and light enough for me to carry myself”!


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Moving Forward!


For some reason, these sculptures in Des Moines express the feeling I have that part of me is hanging back instead of moving forward.  Why so few blog posts in 2013 you might have wondered?  Well…mostly….I’ve used up all my space!   My current plan is to clean out some of my old posts, rethink the purpose of A Passion for Green, and get blogging again.  So stay tuned!

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