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Green beans in a flower arrangement!

I don’t know why I did not plant many flowers in the garden this year, but a few weeks ago I was still able to put together a nice arrangement with some weeds, corn tassels, basil that was blooming and……green beans still hanging from their vines!


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Iowa Fall Sky

Hmmm, I guess this is my 500th post!

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Where is all my energy?

What do you do to recharge when all you feel like doing is hanging out on the sofa?!

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Farmers Market Is Coming!

This is a scene from last year’s market in Ames.  Not sure when this year’s starts, or what the Ames “situation” will be this year, but I’ve been following Larry Cleverly on Twitter (dirtfarmerlarry) and am excited for Des Moines’ one man pop up market today!

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Iowa State’s Swans

I’ve been saving these pics for a special day.  I’m off today and looking forward to rambling around Ames, perhaps capturing more great shots like these I got last week.  Back in Indiana, someone sent me a link to photos of  Iowa State’s two swans on the lake…that was the clincher for me…..I had to come here for graduate school!

   Just to the west of the Memorial Union, red buds adorn the rim of Lake LaVerne.  I looked anxiously for the two white swans, but didn’t see them swimming.






Then as I was trying to shoot more red bud, guess what I saw?!







Two lovers, hidden under the trees, with their own little case of spring fever!

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Iowa State’s most beautiful campus

Have I mentioned that Iowa State University has the most beautiful campus I’ve ever seen?

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Lilacs Coming

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