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Seed Savers Exchange

My sister said let’s plan something exciting for my birthday.  For some people that might mean a hot air balloon ride or a trip to the windy city, but I have a passion for green, and one of the first things that popped into my mind was visiting a location on my Life List: Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa.  If you have ever had their catalog,  you’ve probably spent hours lusting over the vegetables and getting engrossed in the stories behind many of the heirloom seeds.  I wanted to see “where the magic happens”!

The first photo shows some of the demonstration gardens that are located near the visitor center and huge gift shop.  The second photo we accessed by driving back a ways into the property, where the real magic happens.  I assume this is a production field that is obviously not very far along in the first week of June.  We did not take time for the walking tour, which might have given us more information and a better idea of what really goes on, but my mission, besides just getting there, was to see what they use for trellising and to SHOP!  As with most museums, the highlight for me is usually the gift shop!  To be continued tomorrow…..


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Last of the Poland Trip Nostalgia


It’s 75 degrees F here in Ames, Iowa, and I bought my first flowers for the garden, so I better wrap up my recent postings reliving my trip to Poland.  I’ll end with a flower picture, just to get you in the mood for gardening season! This was taken in Wroclaw.


And this last photo shows the reason for the trip in the first place, spending time with my son!

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Lovely Polish Hospitality

I had the privilege of visiting in several Polish homes while I was there in 2008.  I so wish I could have known some Polish so I could have visited with this wonderful lady.  But maybe next time…..if I keep working on my Rosetta Stone Polish lessons!

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Coffee Heaven in Poland

I loved the color in Poland, sometimes a flash of red from geraniums on a balcony, sometimes a flash of bright paint on a wall.  These colors at Coffee Heaven give you an idea of what I saw.





We had a nice visit here on our way back from Kutno.

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A little Polish kitchen

Going to Poland to visit my son in 2008 was my first (and so far only) trip to a different country.  I expected things to be quite different, I mean, I traveled ALL that way, right?  But the first day there we went to  a large mall and it was a lot like the mall in downtown Indianapolis really, except when people opened their mouths, this strange language came pouring out.  They looked just like Americans…….it was quite a strange feeling!  Maybe I expected the cut of the clothes to look different or something!  One thing I did notice though as I saw several apartments, things were smaller in Poland and I loved it.  This small kitchen of some friends is one example.  Maybe I am too used to the large McMansions of American suburbs, but this petite version of living sure seemed to make more sense.

This washer under the bathroom sink is maybe even a better illustration of small living.

So Day 3 of my Poland trip was spent in Poznan and enjoying my time at John and Carol Pepper’s apartment.  John is on the left in this photo and our friend and worker, Loran, is on the right.

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Polish Accordion Musician

Late night accordion player serenade in Warszawa’s Old Town.

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Castle Inn in Warszawa (Warsaw)

To continue reliving my 2008 trip……Castle Inn in Warsaw was a charming place to stay my first night in Poland.  As you can see here from their web site, each room is uniquely decorated.  Ours was called the Tree Room.

Right outside the building you can see this:

And the bathroom and shower in our room were divine!

I arrived in the morning and managed to stay awake until about 6:30pm.  The sound of horse-drawn carriages and an accordion player outside my window was a lovely way to fall asleep!

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