Winter Sky Reflection

winter sky reflected


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Winter Sunset…before the snow

winter sunset


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Back to the flowers

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Visiting is nice…’s a good thing…..sitting around a table, sharing a meal or tea or a cup of coffee….time slows, life is rewound as we recall times and friends we have shared…..






we commemorate our visits with photos….little bits of visits we rediscover at a later time and place…..


I am glad I was taught to visit….the value of it….from my family, my friends






         and when I am old, I hope to be visited……and I hope I have the grace to make your visits pleasant, as others have made mine….

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Green beans in a flower arrangement!

I don’t know why I did not plant many flowers in the garden this year, but a few weeks ago I was still able to put together a nice arrangement with some weeds, corn tassels, basil that was blooming and……green beans still hanging from their vines!

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Iowa Fall Sky

Hmmm, I guess this is my 500th post!

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Growing in the Garden: Bunnies!

Soon after the gardening season got under way in the spring, I was watering the potatoes when I heard a very loud, hysterical squeal!  What the………..I had my guesses… so I got a long stick and started poking around in the straw.  Sure enough…bunny nest!  Well, I worried over the bunnies for several days, kept poking open the nest and half hoping it would cause the mother to move them away to a safer place.  I lay awake at night thinking of this year’s garden philosophy, working WITH nature, not against it.  And then I would dream about what wonderful compost bunnies might turn into…circle of life and all that!  Finally I decided to  just deal with it and let them alone.  I had visions of the whole family setting up their dining room in our garden, but one day I picked a couple of the little guys up and held them, and they jumped out of my hand and ran away.  The others followed, and I didn’t see them again!  Now the deer…..umm, that’s another story!

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